About Me - www.impromptuphotography.co.uk

       My love for photography started when I was at school and one day our science teacher gave us rudimentary pinhole cameras made of a couple of retort stands and a shoe box and told to go out and take a photograph!  I couldn't believe it when I actually took a recognisable photograph, and so the affair began!

       I was given my first real camera not long afterwards, which was a Russian made Zenit EM; the shutter sounded like a gun going off, but it was a camera, and it was mine! Any pictures that I did take have been lost in the sands of time, but it certainly ignited a passion which has lived with me ever since!

       I started working in a photographic studio in London's West End, photographing Art and Antiques working with 5x4 'and 10x8" plate cameras with single sheet film. I then moved into editorial, portrait and fashion photography working all over the word as a photographers' assistant before working on my own as a freelance photographer.

After a hiatus of several years, I moved out of London to Chichester in West Sussex, and began learning about landscape photography which was a new discipline and one from which I am always learning something new. I also started using a digital camera which has been a learning curve all of it's own!

       My landscape photography is always evolving and I am constantly learning more and more about ways of seeing and representing what I see around me.