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About Me

My love for photography started at school when our science teacher gave us rudimentary pinhole cameras made of a couple of retort stands and a shoe box and told to go out and take a photograph! I couldn't believe it when I actually took a recognisable photograph, and so the affair began. My first real camera was a Russian made Zenit EM; the shutter sounded like a gun going off, but it was a camera, and it was mine! Any pictures that I did take have been lost in the sands of time, but it certainly ignited a passion which has lived with me ever since.

I began my photographic career in a studio in London's West End, photographing Art and Antiques working solely with 5x4 'and 10x8" plate cameras with single sheet film, and then I moved into editorial, portrait and fashion photography working all over the word as a photographers' assistant before striking out on my own as a freelance photographer for a number of years.

After a hiatus from photography of several years working as a Production Manager on short films and commercials, I moved out of London to Chichester in West Sussex, UK, where my wife and I designed and built a Boutique Bed & Breakfast which has proved very successful, and has kept me very busy. In my spare time, as my wife says, ‘I went back to my first love’ of photography, and landscape photography was a new discipline for me, while at the same time I was also adjusting to moving from celluloid to a new digital workflow, and that has been a learning curve all of it's own.

I hope you enjoy viewing my images; I certainly enjoy creating them.

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